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Medical services rendered in the Orthopedic Department are composed of two main types: first, services for emergency cases like road accidents and trauma patients rendered in the Emergency
Department for 24 hours a day; and second, outpatient services.

Surgical procedures and treatments of different fractures are available using the latest devices and equipment in the operating room, all of which are consistent with universal standards and preparations.

Department of Orthopedics is committed to provide quality care for patients. Our team includes doctors who specialize in knee and hip, sport medicine, trauma, spine, pediatric orthopedics, shoulder; to name a few.

1.   Fracture Treatment
2.   Arthroscopy - Knee & Shoulder
3.   Ligament Injury & Sports Injury
4.   Joint Replacement - Knee & Hip
5.   Arthritis Management
6.   Back, Neck Pain and Spondylitis
7    Spine Surgery
8.   Joint Preservation Surgery
9.   Deformity Correction
10. Osteoporosis treatment